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Whatsapp Marketing

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Whatsapp Marketing Services In Kanpur

WhatsApp has 1.5 billion active monthly users around the world and 60 billion messages are shared across the platform every single day! This is reason enough to understand the reach and power of WhatsApp and what even a small percentage of this user base could mean for your business. This up-and-coming form of marketing has immense potential and your business could gain significantly by being an early adopter. By utilizing WhatsApp for your business, you reach your customers in an all-together new way – WhatsApp messages are delivered to even the DND customers, 95% of WhatsApp messages are opened and read by individuals, and 90% are actually read within the first 3 seconds. The interactive nature and personalised touch offered by this medium is unparalleled. ScoreBidder proffers WhatsApp marketing services that utilize this medium to build a competitive edge for your business.

WhatsApp Business App vs WhatsApp for Individuals

For marketing purposes, it is recommended to use WhatsApp’s Business platform rather than the one in common usage.

To differentiate between the two, WhatsApp business uses a different app logo, offers space for a business description, and provides options for identifying chats, sending quick replies and away messages, labelling chats, and using the search filter.

Compared to a personal account, WhatsApp Business provides business-specific features like the ability to track message status, message broadcasting, and sharing media-rich information with consumers.

Owing to these features and functionalities, we recommend using a WhatsApp business account for managing business activities.

WhatsApp Marketing Company In Kanpur: How do we Connect with the Users

Using WhatsApp business, your identity is depicted as a business and you can converse with your users. One-to-one chats give a personalized touch to your service and add to customer satisfaction. You also get the ability to share promotional information with interested users from time-to-time.

You can broadcast a message to 256 people in your address book at once. In a simple few clicks, a communication from your business reaches the audience swiftly and interested users reach back to you individually.

You can segregate your audience as per their interests and formulate smaller groups for sharing relevant information. It gives you the ability to target different users in innovative ways.

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How can ScoreBidder help you gain a competitive edge?

WhatsApp is a cost-effective and easy-to-use marketing medium. As a foremost mobile marketing company in Kanpur, we can help you leverage the power of WhatsApp marketing in the following ways:

→We will create a brand persona that interacts with users and builds around a buzz

→We can offer innovative ideas to inspire interaction with your customers

→We will consult on ways to provide personalized service to your high-value customers

→We will create a wide phone database for your business

→We aim to drive sales by using WhatsApp as a preliminary marketing medium

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