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SMO Services In Kanpur

Social media marketing is all about meeting your target customers right where they are, engaging them with valuable experiences, and drawing them to your website. As a social media expert in Kanpur, ScoreBidder follows a three-pronged approach to help you meet your business goals: (1) We listen first – to understand the preferences and choices of your target customers and how they take action on social media (2) We create compelling content – to engage your audience with relatable information (3) We use social analytics tools - to draw inferences about user behaviour, adapt to changing requirements, and nurture relationships with the audience. This approach and strategy results in the following:

Attract followers

With the right content for the targeted audience, you start gaining followers on social media. The followers help in drawing referrals through word-of-mouth publicity.<br /> At ScoreBidder, we ensure that the followers you gain match your typical buyer persona. They could be potential customers based on their interests, demographics, and purchase behaviours.

Engage prospects

Engaging your prospects is the first step towards building trust and long-lasting relationships. And it goes without saying that individuals are more likely to make a purchase from a brand they trust.<br /> Our SMM services are focused on augmenting engagement on your social media posts by increasing likes, comments, shares etc.

Stimulate conversions

Well-managed social media business accounts and paid social media advertisements tend to attract users to the business website, thereby increasing traffic and conversions.<br /> Our creative experts conceive extremely effective social media campaigns that drive high traffic to your website. In order to increase conversions, we can also utilize retargeted advertisements.

Our Social Media Services

We create interesting and informational posts that users like to learn from and follow. We help in amplifying your Facebook following and increasing the engagement rates. We also manage paid advertisements on Facebook to get instant leads.

Harnessing the power of visual storytelling, we use aesthetically pleasing creatives that attract and engage followers. We can also enhance customer acquisition through paid advertising.

We showcase the best about your business on this platform, fundamentally building a new brand value. Utilizing LinkedIn paid services, we can get direct traffic for your website.

With crisp content that gets the point across, we leverage this channel as a magnet for individuals with alike interests, who could be potential customers. For increased reach, we manage paid Twitter ads too.

We create educational and inspirational content for Pinterest that users want to consume and share. We focus on drawing traffic to your website with strategic product posts. To boost sales, we can run Pinterest advertisements as well.

We can also help in building and managing your business’ presence on other social media platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Tumblr, Digg etc.

Want to leverage the power of social media for your business?

Social Media Marketing has more benefits than the clearly visible...

Improved Ranking on Search Engines

Social media is a part of building virtual credibility of your business. Timely updates and high engagement have shown to improve your website ranking on search engines over a period.

Better Conversion Rates

Social media platforms give you the option of connecting to your prospects in a humanized and personalized way. When you build trust and relationships on a platform, your conversions also increase.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

The social connection gives you the ability to listen to your prospects and customers directly and respond suitably. Customers get personalized attention on social platforms and are thus found to be more satisfied with brands that communicate with them.

Access to Marketplace Insights

On social platforms, you are as close to your customers as you can be. This gives deep insights to what your potential customers like/dislike, how they act and react, and what impacts them. These details are essential for your business to take informed decisions.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty

Customers who are connected and satisfied eventually become loyal to your brand. As a business, this means repeat sales and an established customer base.

Cost-effective Medium

The platforms give you the option to target specific consumers and increase reach at a low cost. The ROI is significantly better than most marketing channels and spending is also more flexible.

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