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PPC Management

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PPC Services In Kanpur (Pay- Per-Click)

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the fastest ways to generate leads for your business and boost sales. PPC advertising is generally used across two subsets: search and display. It is based on the simple premise that a user is shown your ad when they are searching using a representative keyword on a search engine like Google or Bing (text/product ad) or consuming content on the web that relates to your ad (display ad). You are charged an amount by the publisher when the user clicks on your ad, which is redirected to your website. This simplified process has complex nuances that potentially determine the success rate of your PPC advertising. ScoreBidder, as a leading PPC management company in Kanpur, has the right blend of proficiency and ingenuity to create and sustain successful PPC campaigns. Our team of experts applies years of online advertising experience, basis on understanding of the latest technology and algorithms, to manage the entire process – right from creation of landing pages, to set-up of advertising accounts, to overseeing the campaigns and generating leads.

Services of PPC Comapny In Kanpur Includes

Google Search Ads

Our Ad specialists ensure that your ad occupies the top spot on Google’s search results for targeted keywords. We help you get the maximum return on your advertising budget, by optimizing ads through the right ad copy, keyword usage, bid strategies, ad extension placement, call-to-action embedding etc.

Google Remarketing Ads

These display (banner) ads are targeted to prospects who have visited your website once, served on a plethora of ad networks. Our PPC company in Kanpur has professional advertisers who pay attention to each detail of remarketing – from setting-up the code, creating combination remarketing lists, to utilizing dynamic remarketing and optimizing RLSAs.

Google Shopping Services

An ideal product listing for e-commerce businesses, Google Shopping Services is used to display products when a user searches for it on Google. To help your product show up at the right time to the right prospect, we at ScoreBidder, manage the account to input accurate information at an optimized bid amount.

Our PPC Management Services help you scale rapidly in two distinctive ways:

Attract high-quality traffic

Unlike other advertising mediums, PPC advertising ensures that your ad is visible only to prospects who are searching for it. Thus, the traffic you attract has higher probability to make a purchase, leading to a greater conversion rate as well.

Generate instant results

You start generating leads as soon as the account is set-up and enabled to run. The time from decision to action to conversion is minimised in PPC advertising. With professionals managing your account, your cost of conversion will be reduced as well.

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→We make your goals our goals

→We let the experts manage it for you

→We save you valuable time

→We hand-craft each campaign just for you

→We ensure transparent pay per click management pricing

→We provide clear ROI reporting

What makes ScoreBidder one of the best PPC marketing company in Kanpur?

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