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Lead Generation

Scale up your business with

Lead Generation Services In Kanpur

Scaling your business, amplifying revenues, or augmenting traffic – all depend on one factor, and that is, generating leads. When you increase the number of leads your business gets, you expand your sales funnel, and therefore, you enhance your potential of conversions. In a nutshell, lead generation will help your business thrive. ScoreBidder is a premium lead generation company in Kanpur that partners with you to make your business grow faster. By building deep understanding of your industry and competition, we formulate a bespoke strategy that blends Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, Social Media advertising, PPC advertising, and Email marketing for targeted results.

Broad components of our lead generation strategy include:


  • Analysing your industry and competition
  • Optimizing your site for local SEO
  • Refining and optimizing your site content
  • Answering relevant questions on Quora
  • Participating in forum discussions

Social Media

  • Refining social media strategy for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Uploading videos on YouTube

Direct Advertising

  • Generating leads through Google Ads
  • Utilizing Email Marketing

We can generate more leads for your business.

Hire us to generate more leads for your business and reap unbelievable benefits!

The power is in your hands…

→You can choose specific products you wish to offer

→You can choose the demography of your target consumers

→You target and engage a definite customer base

→You control the number of leads you want to receive per month

→You pay only for the leads you receive

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