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Email Marketing

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Email Marketing Services In Kanpur

Email marketing is essentially reaching out to a set of potential or current customers via a direct email. Based on survey data, email marketing historically has been and presently is, the most effective digital marketing channel. The reason: Users might or might not access other platforms as frequently as they access email. As a results-focused email marketing company in Kanpur, ScoreBidder believes in perfecting each part of the process to achieve the desired outcome. In the planning phase of the email marketing campaign, we work on selecting an apt email platform, crafting captivating content and design, and enhancing the technical nuances of the email like load time and inbox delivery. Thereafter, in the execution phase, we closely monitor and measure the open rate and conversion rate, using analytics for segmentation.

Market to Customers Directly

Emails give you the opportunity to establish a connection with your customer directly. Regular newsletters for engagement, special discounts/announcements for promotion, and survey analysis for understanding preferences are a few options from the gamut of email marketing methods.

Measure Your Success

Email marketing offers a host of options to measure the success of your campaign. You can analyse the metrics frequently and make adjustments timely, so the resultant is an increase in engagement, website visits and purchases.

Get Instant Impact

With emails, you can expect to receive your first few queries within minutes of initiating the campaign. As an email marketing expert, we strive for higher open rates, because that is the first step towards increasing conversion rates.

Consult a Specialist Today

Our Email Marketing Services In Kanpur include:

Personalised email marketing services as per your business needs

Captivating content to engage readers

Stunning design that easily captures attention

Email drip campaigns to manage different customer lifecycles differently

The gains from email marketing are many….

It gives you the power to target a niche audience. We further help you with personalizing the messaging for your intended audience, in order to convert better.

Regular communication from your brand enhances its recall in the consumer’s mind. The communication we craft further intensifies this recall process

We analyse the data to measure your campaign’s performance and adapt to changes as required.

Email marketing offers a remarkably high ROI as it reaches consumers directly and influences purchase decisions. With specialists assisting you at every step, the conversion rates also go higher.

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